Looking for My Answer

I’ve been toying with the idea of creating this blog for a few years.  I have even attempted a couple of times.

I really wasn’t sure how to do it or what to share, but I knew I wanted to share something.

I’m at a point where many “life roads” are being reevaluated; some I’m done with!  Others are being renewed. My goal with this blog is to help others who are experiencing the same stages as me (or who will at some point.)

The strange is that my main struggle was whether to include a part of me that is crucial to my well-being. I mean I didn’t want to pigeon hole myself or alienate anyone else.

My bio:

  • I am in my 50’s.
  • My last child has left home.
  • My marriage to my retired, veteran husband is a little rocky.  We are becoming reacquainted with each other and dare I say, the reacquaint is not nearly as sweet as the initial acquaintance.
  • I changed churches after being at one for almost two decades. Translation = extremely involved and extremely attached. Incidentally that also meant I was geographically distanced from my close friend base.

All of these are majorly important in my life and the one constant that I didn’t want to include in this blog was being a Jesus lover!  I didn’t want this blog to be called “churchy’.  I believe that God has a place in my everyday life. And that relationship really is the most important one to me.

So let me give this disclaimer: God/Jesus will be mentioned in this blog at times. They are a HUGE part of my life. Also, scripture may be used at times.  I mean no disrespect to anyone by doing either.

Back to the main point…

While I know that I am not alone regarding feeling turmoil in these many, varied areas, it’s actually kind of funny how we are only willing to share ourselves with others, up to a certain point.  Sharing makes us vulnerable to the comments of others, but hopefully it will also make us stronger in the process.

What we do in life states our value base.  We must pursue life according to our values.  For sure, whatever we do expressly reflects our values either on purpose or by default.  The question we must ask ourselves is whether our values are being accurately reflected?

So, I invite you to walk this road with me and let’s blossom together.

All of us have a purpose (or two or three).  Let’s learn together and grow together. Hopefully these words will give you the courage to walk boldly and on purpose.

Please feel free to leave a comment and let me know what you thinking.

Have you ever wanted to leave out an important detail about yourself because you didn’t want to come off appearing a certain way?


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